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The story of the Horror Trail is indeed a terrifying one. The land now known as Hagan Park has only recently been acquired by the great town of South Whitley; no one else would build a house, farm the land or even venture there. The woods were a place of great mystery and intrigue, and terrified the early settlers to the area. Back then the town was known simply as Springfield. It was founded in 1837 making it the oldest town in Whitley County. Back then, the townsfolk said those woods were haunted.

Trails were constructed in the wooded area by local farmers to allow them access the Eel River. After completion, they were seldom used. To this day they sit there, alone, waiting. There's an uneasiness that many describe in the park; a feeling of being watched. The locals abandoned the land and instinctively, no one would use it until the circus came to town in 1930. Showies, also known as Carnies, would set up camp in the park when the circus came to town. Some Showies would venture deep into the woods swearing that they heard the calls of long lost loved ones. They saw fantastic sites. Some would never return. The Showies told horrifying stories of events that happened after dark in the woods now known as Hagan Park. To this day, townspeople will tell stories of terrible sounds emanating from the woods. Unworldly apparitions are glimpsed, strange lights are seen. Some claim that the place is a portal to a different world: A place where the barrier between this world and the next is particularly thin. Some have speculated that the cemetery in the park is the focus of the eerie energy that seems to emanate from the land. Some claim that there is a presence in the cemetery much older than those aging tombs.

What secrets lie in the trail?

Why is there such mystery surrounding this plot of land?